Press Success / Thoughts On Art Sorority For Girls

Press Success / Thoughts On Art Sorority For Girls

We got our first OJ All Day press notice on CMJ! Read it HERE.

I'm thinking a lot about Art Sorority For Girls this morning. I heard that they're finally going into OJ Studios to record a full-length album. I want it. My friend Bennett once gave this interview where he quotes Jennifer Garner talking about the Mr. Magoo movie. He says:

"Whenever I hit a wall, I would just remember something that Jennifer Garner said, when she was being interviewed about her role in the amazing film MR MAGOO with Leslie Nielsen. 'This is a great movie. There are so many foolish characters, and everything happens!' A friend of mine told me of this quote and I think it's the best thing I ever heard. With a mystery, when you get stuck, you can just pop in another foolish character, and make something else happen. By the end, if you've done a good job, EVERYTHING will have happened."

I know that Daoud doesn't write mysteries, but that quote reminds me of his songs. There are so many characters, and EVERYTHING happens.

The baritone guitar that Casey plays in that band is really blue and shiny. I was staring at it on his wall the other day. I could see my face in it.