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Thanks to everyone who came and helped out!
Here are a couple of links to some pics from the fest.




Purple Organ: A Real American Hero by TG

Purple Organ Candy Performance
Neon-green cunnilingus band
Snare drum crouch
Ebony-red buttplug
Electric guitar, ruby amplifier hydraulic pump
K-9 pistons a-blazin' (The Shaggy D.A./Turner & Cooch)
Honest love affair
Electrifying brilliance
Inflatable show dynamic
Her Wang, Eternal/incendiary
Kindhearted, generous: Doug Black disembowels Jar Jar Binks, wears skin
One man up against eclectic charges pulsing through
“U booked a show for Purple O?
U just passed the paintbrush 2 Picasso, my friend.”

-Norm from Cheers

Phoebe Kreutz, Woo-frickin-Hoo!

I know this disclosure might seem a little unexpected, sudden or bold. But since we're all a-bloggin' about each other anyway I thought it would be a good time to tell you, and the world, about how much I like your music. Phoebe Kreutz, you are my musical hero.

Phoebe gets called things like "kooky", "cute", "quirky", and of course "funny". "A love child of Weird Al and Joan Baez" and stuff like that. What she doesn't get called often enough for my taste is "goddamn fucking brilliant." I guess it's hard to make people pay attention in today's word-saturated world with such general descriptors, so you gotta come up with attention-grabbers like that. It might also be that her unassuming-and yes-cute, funny stage persona serves to camouflage her intimidating mastery of language, her skill at storytelling and songwriting, her ability to make analogies between historical and literary characters and her own (and your own) experience of the world.

What gets lost in the "silly" and the "quirky" is the fact that Phoebe Kreutz is an incredibly skilled songwriter, performer and lyricist. Her voice can morph from a folky soprano lilt to a balls-out Broadway belt within the same song, and it somehow makes sense. Her jazzy, delicate guitar playing may seem simple, but the lady knows how to use minor and 7th chords to draw out all the nuanced neurological responses of a finely-crafted symphony. Phoebe has a well-schooled grip on all the incarnations of popular song, from country to showtunes to R&B, and matches her stylistic repertoire to the thematic content of her songs to create an engaging, totally unusual live show.

And like a good Almodovar film or monthly hormonal fluctuation, Phoebe's songs can draw out many emotions all at once, emotions you didn't even know you still had. Whether her song is about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings, the new guy at Taco Bell, the Civil War, a cheating ex making babies on the sly, or Anna Karenina, the only "kooky" thing about one of Phoebe's shows is the bizarre cocktail of rapid-fire feelings you will have in the 30 or 40 minutes she's onstage (or one of her super fun lo-fi album is in the stereo.) It's a damn good thing her songs are usually so funny, because you can laugh so hard one moment, you'll have an excuse to be all choked up the next.

At this point I've seen Phoebe perform probably 15 or 20 times, and seen her perform as frontwoman with the zoological rock outfit Urban Barnyard at least as many. I'm still waiting for it to get old, for my reactions to mellow, but I won't hold my breath, because I'm still slapping my thigh and snorting hysterically as hard as ever. I still get all mushy inside when she plays "Disaster," "Math and Pregnancy," and "Taking your Number off My Phone" (or whatever the real title is.) I still actually cry when she plays "Bull Run Beer Run" and yes, "Song to Make You Cry." (How does she know about my weakness for Bambi's mom?!) And I still appreciate the snarky literary riffs ("Lesbian Cowgirl," "Anna Karenina,") and the adept and often hilarious cultural and historical referencing ("Elizabeth I," "The Viking Song", "Good Irish Lad,") that make me feel like we're sharing a bunch of inside jokes.

Phoebe is playing on the upstairs stage of OJ All Day at 5:30, Saturday May 24. To paraphrase one of her lyrics, "she's gonna make us tear up...and then she'll help us cheer up, eventually." I'll see you there.

Roger Manning

Roger Manning is pretty new in my life. I have heard a lot of the legend surrounding his electrifying live performances since I was first exposed to Antifolk in 2002.
I recently came across a copy of Roger's first, self-titled album on SST, home base of some of my favorite bands. The visceral aggression of early Black Flag, the no-rules genre benders The Minutemen. Descendents, nerds you didn't fuck with. I was excited to finally hear this guy-the vast majority of shows I play are in punk houses to punks, and I'm aware of lots of other punk songwriters who don't want to be relegated to coffeehouses and bookstores.
The music on Roger Manning's 1988 SST debut is spare to say the least. Most songs feature only Roger's voice and guitar (with snare drum added to a few songs), but you wouldn't know it. Manning's sound is a near-perfect synthesis of folk and punk, bombastic acoustic guitar below sometimes-ironic, always politically-charged lyrics. The sound of Old New York set to music, you can almost smell the filthy 1980's Lower East Side.
One of Roger's later albums displays a letter addressed to the singer from the proprietor of a coffeeshop in Oregon. In the letter, the addressor settles a debt for a recent gig, and then admonishes Manning for his foul language at said gig. "That may be common language where you're from," says the promoter,"but here on the West Coast, that kind of talk is wholly inappropriate. You should take that into consideration before booking future gigs in the West." I laugh to myself, thinking about what kind of chowderheaded promoter booked Roger Manning sight unseen, assuming he was just a folk singer, easy to tune out and read the Bible to.
I haven't yet had the chance to see Roger Manning perform, as he slowed down on gigs considerably, long before I came onto the scene. If the live show is anything like the albums-spare, brutal, electric, funny, vibrant-I can't fathom I'll be anything less than blown away.

so you quote craft unquote crafts...

bee oj-craft-fair-prepared!

menahan tree mother's day crafternoon:
sunday, may 11 - 3pm
rsvp for exact address!

dear everyone,
do you have anything crafty that you are working on? projects you've been meaning to start, or finish? things to make for the craft fair at OJ all-day? how would you like to come on over to menahan street and "do it together"?
bring your crayons, scissors, paper, glue, yarn and come over this sunday, may 11 if you don't have mommy's day plans (or before your mom dinner plans). how about 3:00 in the crafternoon?

take the L or M to myrtle-wyckoff. if you're coming from the train, walk up gates and make a left on st. nicholas and a right on menahan.
please RSVP (text, call or email) to 718-450-6016 or likewater26@gmail.com
jacinta, angela, and yoko

ps. yoko has bedazzling equipment to share.

New OJ All Day #2 Button Design.

Words about Erin Regan

I remember watching an ice skater on TV a few years ago.
The skater was dancing to an acapella Terence Trent D'Arby song. It was breathtaking...because in between lines of the song there was this powerful silence and all you would hear were her blades on the ice moving, swirling, cutting. The audience and the judges were stunned- they were used to cheering at acrobatic feats of skaters, not to someone who was obviously very emotionally connected to her music and movement. When I think of that brave skater, I think of Erin Regan.
Her songs (and that voice!) cut into my core and make it somehow okay for all to feel something, thank god. I find her honesty and expressiveness validating and inspiring.

Over-Thrusted & Loving It

It's getting hard to schedule Underthrust rehearsals, because we're all busy rehearsing with our other bands.

Sometimes I wonder what normal people do with their lives.

Feature on Cake Shop in Time Out!

don't know if everyone caught this, but it's a great article about the awesome venue that's been generous enough to host our festival for the past two years!


Cake Shop has become one of the most vibrant music spaces in town—a Manhattan outpost for the adventurous acts that might otherwise play Brooklyn lofts. “Cake Shop feels a lot more communal than most other ‘official’ spaces,” says Jeffrey Lewis, who headlined the club’s very first show. “It’s the kind of place that seems to exist more frequently outside of NYC these days...”

a few words on a band called Schwervon!

Here's a dorky way to start this post: last year when i was visiting my family i watched the previous year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of several bands, like Van Halen, Patti Smith, and my ultimate heroes, R.E.M. An extremely well-spoken Eddie Vedder gave R.E.M.'s introduction, and between flashes to backstage for the band's goofy reactions he said his piece about each member ... the most memorable thing he said was about the guitarist Peter Buck, but it spoke in a larger sense of the whole band. Eddie said, to paraphrase, that Peter Buck plays guitar "like someone who had worked in a record store," because of course he had, but went on to say that didn't mean his playing was derivative, but more that he played "through the holes" of popular music. That really stuck with me as a very apt way to encompass that music, and as I go to write about Schwervon! it occurs to me that the same thing can be said of Matt Roth and Nan Turner.

This lady and gentleman have listened to a lot, a lot, a LOT OF MUSIC, people. If they weren't musicians themselves they would be the scholar-afficionados that every musician dreams of having in his or her audience. Some songwriters with a big musical library in their heads fall into the pit of making music that is immediately recognizable as straight homage. On the opposite pole, others make the mistake of being so paranoid about emulating their influences that they paint themselves into a corner and can make only cerebral and erudite meta-critiques on popular song.

Schwervon! listens to oldies and grrrl-punk, hardcore and nerd rock, country and noise. But with this vast scope of music history behind them, they keep figuring out new ways for their lean, mean duo machine to dance right through the holes between genres and the gaps between generations. With lesser bands, this mish mosh might give a listener a headache. With Schwerv, it just makes you wanna party. Wasn't there a bit of grungy CCR in that hook? Or wait, I meant the Zombies on speed... or no scratch that, Sonic Youth playing Weezer maybe? Oh hell, this song is awesome, let's just dance!

So, is this band doing a lot of thinking? Are they doing a lot of equation balancing? Well, they're sure as hell working hard-- Nan's drumming is at turns primal and hauntingly poetic, while Matt's guitar-playing is a weather system that turns from fluffy cumulous to frightening thunderheads at a moment's notice. That kind of energy takes PRACTICE.

But this is no cold calculation, and it's no self-conscious tribute, and it's no self-satisfied in-joke-- this is super-real, unapologetic, life-affirming rock and roll.

Thanks for all the music, you two!

(Schwervon! will perform at OJ All Day Downstairs Saturday May 24, 11:00pm)

OJ All Day in CMJ Online

Here's that link for the CMJ Online article.

Click Here: http://prod1.cmj.com/articles/display_article.php?id=64547425

Press Success / Thoughts On Art Sorority For Girls

We got our first OJ All Day press notice on CMJ! Read it HERE.

I'm thinking a lot about Art Sorority For Girls this morning. I heard that they're finally going into OJ Studios to record a full-length album. I want it. My friend Bennett once gave this interview where he quotes Jennifer Garner talking about the Mr. Magoo movie. He says:

"Whenever I hit a wall, I would just remember something that Jennifer Garner said, when she was being interviewed about her role in the amazing film MR MAGOO with Leslie Nielsen. 'This is a great movie. There are so many foolish characters, and everything happens!' A friend of mine told me of this quote and I think it's the best thing I ever heard. With a mystery, when you get stuck, you can just pop in another foolish character, and make something else happen. By the end, if you've done a good job, EVERYTHING will have happened."

I know that Daoud doesn't write mysteries, but that quote reminds me of his songs. There are so many characters, and EVERYTHING happens.

The baritone guitar that Casey plays in that band is really blue and shiny. I was staring at it on his wall the other day. I could see my face in it.


This years OJ All Day postcard (front) design Compliments of Crystal Madrilejos and Angela Carlucci (aka. The Baby Skins).

Schwervon! and The Leader rock a warmup show for OJ All Day 2nite @ Glasslands!!!

Drunk Man Divines Band Name

Last night, after seeing Liv perform at Sidewalk, Casey and I were walking towards the train. We were trailing behind Liv and Yoko. We had guitars on our back, because we had rehearsed with Urban Barnyard after the show.

A drunk man sitting on the street started yelling at us about "rocking out" and yelling (sarcastically, I assume) about how "cool" we are. Then he started calling us "faggots".

I wished that I had a flier, and I could have walked up to him and said, "Yes. How did you know? We are in that band."

i did some stuff

hi, i updated ASG's profile. I don't know if i was supposed to and i guess daoud will probably change it but i thought i would just for fun. oh i have a question, is there any good way for us to give photo credit for the images we use on here? should we just include it in the little bio part? this works really well, master of web! thanks for putting it together. --c

Website Making, Writing

Hi all, I'm Dibs, and my contribution to OJ All Day is this website. It's been very fun working long hours on a website that people I know get to use. I've been doing web development for a few years now, but mostly in a job environment. There's something very liberating about having to do all the work myself, and being my own manager.

Since I've been writing so much code, I didn't have a chance to update my artist profile till a few days ago. And when I did, I found it really exciting because I was able to write whatever I want! No (computer) language restrictions! Only self-imposed English language restrictions. Also liberating.

I'm going to continue feeling liberated as much as I can.

I hope you enjoy the website!

"Cause I Got Lots of Condoms, And They're Going Up Yr Butt!"

Holy crap. The Faggots are gonna have a special guest drummer at OJ All Day.

A special guest drummer from a band that changed my life


2nd Annual OJ All Day Real Independent Music Festival Blog

Welcome to the official OJ All Day Blog. Stay tuned for all the latest info on this years fest!

made profile- was ok

dibs wanted me to test the profile editing on the new site, and i did this. i am all sleepy from eating pancakes with him and dashan, but even in this state i was able to change my password, upload a photo and paste my "band bio" from myspace into the window here. hooray!
everyone else should do it to, it's easy-peasy.
xo liv