Underthrust will perform at OJ All Day

One morning, Nan Turner woke up and said "It's time to dance!" Nan hadn't identified as a "dancer" since the riot grrl movement inspired her to pick up a guitar in the 90s. With her boisterous personality and Lucy Ricardo-red hair, she made a name for herself in girl bands like Bionic Finger and Pantsuit, and currently with swamp rock duo Schwervon. Now a seasoned rock veteran with several international tours under her belt, she wanted to bring her DIY, punk aesthetic back to the world of dance. So she recruited fellow musicians Dan Fishback, Dave End, Phoebe Kreutz, Tina Harris, and Angela Carlucci to form UNDERTHRUST, a punk dance ensemble that only rehearses while drinking beer and eating snacks.

In 2007, they debuted at Superfine in Dumbo with a hip-hop/jazz/vocal noise take on Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." In early 2008, they explored modern dance forms at Dixon Place in Fishback's video performance installation "Absentia Dementia." In their most high-profile gig, they recently danced with Kimya Dawson to a sold-out crowd at Webster Hall.

Watch their performance of Dawson's "Juno" hit, "I Like Giants":