The Lisps

The Lisps will perform at OJ All Day Downstairs Saturday May 24, 8:00pm

The Lisps are a New York-based assemblage of 21st century post-rock n’ vaudeville auteurs. They write songs about science and love, space and pain, babies and documents. Their performances have been known to involve bloody tambourines, wrestling, lipstick smeared melodicas, tap shoes, old kitchen cabinets and dinosaurs. The Lisps are the public/performative version of all the relationships you’re struggling with.

"Local coed pop group the Lisps gives quirky indie rock a real good name. Its debut self-released EP, The Vain, the Modest, and the Dead, is smart-assed and danceable, but with an affecting core of been-around-the-block melancholy." - Time Out NY

Sammy is 5’ 4"
Cesar is 6’ 3/4"
Eric is about 5’ 10"
Jeremy is probably 6’ 1"

1 member is not a small boy, but actually a woman of average height with a slamming bod. 1 member can play saxophone and 3 members can play guitar. 1 member can only play "Love me Tender" on the guitar. 2 members were lovers but now just love each other most of the time. 3 members are lefties and 1 member is temporarily living with his parents, and that’s okay, we’re not trying to judge. Half of The Lisps are now Jewish! At any given time, at least 1 member is in love with at least two other members.