The Leader

The Leader will perform at OJ All Day Downstairs Saturday May 24, 1:00pm

A fancy lady plucking a see-through bass guitar. A debonair gentleman smashing a 40’s era drum kit. Beautiful to the eyes and ears, The Leader rock out with the dynamic grace of two sonic gymnasts (in formal attire). Careening through a thousand time signatures and pop genres, bassist Julie DeLano and drummer Sam Lazzara reign supreme over the low end, with his smooth harmonies swirling around her foreboding croon. Critically recognized virtuoso (and classically trained) drummer/percussionist Lazzara lays down suspenseful rhythmic patterns beneath DeLano’s wickedly clever melodies. It would be math rock if it weren’t so soulful. It would be country if it weren’t so sophisticated. It’s nothing but The Leader: Bushwick’s best kept secret.

On DORIAN GRAY DAYS- their second CD release for Olive Juice Music- THE LEADER build songs from the lyric up, drawing parallels between the national zeitgeist and the main character from Oscar Wilde’s The Portrait of Dorian Gray- a man whose outward beauty conceals his inner depravity. Dorian Gray Days explores such timely topics as intelligent design, gentrification and consumerism, but the album’s thematic cornerstone is the haunting dirge-like “Kiss Me”, with DeLano’s bass guitar descending chromatically, as she sings, “Are we destined to end up like Dorian Gray? Beautiful, rich, without a soul, murderous?” The sonic landscape of DORIAN GRAY DAYS transcend its dark themes, with jaw harp, vibraphone, and trumpet lending a warmth to the occasionally (and gloriously) moody sound of THE LEADER’s drum and bass combo.

DeLano and Lazzara began playing music together in 1998, years after they met, and THE LEADER was born. With their impossibly refined sense of rhythm and regality, THE LEADER is a breath of fresh air in the New York music scene, on any stage, or in any stereo.