The Faggots

The Faggots will perform at OJ All Day Downstairs Saturday May 24, 7:00pm

The Faggots are the brainchild of queer songwriter Dan Fishback, who was getting sick of being called "cute" and "spunky" by music reviewers and by himself. The Faggots play rock music inspired by the great girl bands of the 90s -- The Breeders, Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, That Dog, Sleater Kinney, the list goes on.

Members of the Faggots have typically been heterosexual men, forced by Dan to wear "Faggot T-Shirts" with their "Faggot names" -- names like "Brainy Faggot" (Dibson Hoffweiler, lead guitar) and "Manly Faggot" (Casey Holford, bass). Previous Faggots include Scruffy Faggot (Chris Maher), Emo Faggot (Daoud Tyler-Ameen), Pensive Faggot (Gregg Mervine) and Male Faggot (Liv Carrow).

At OJ All day, The Faggots will include LEGENDARY drummer Luis Illades of the ICONIC, GROUNDBREAKING, REVELATORY queercore band, PANSY DIVISION. Luis' "Faggot name" is Luis, just as Dan's is Dan.

Dan Fishback released one solo album, "Sweet Chastity," in 2005, and one EP, "Strange Little Faggots," the following year. His sophomore full-length, "Mammal," produced by Casey Holford, will drop in late 2008 or early 2009. His band, Cheese On Bread, released its quintessentially twee debut, "Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby," on Luvalot Records in 2004, followed by its shockingly psychadelic, full-band release, "The Search for Colonel Mustard," in 2007. Cheese On Bread has supported these albums with North American and international tours. Their latest album will be released in Japan in 2008.

As a performance artist, Dan has written and performed in a series of surreal, uncomfortable political comedies, including "Assholes Speak Louder Than Words" (2004), "boi with an I" (2004), "Please Let Me Love You" (2006), and "Waiting For Barbara" (2006). In 2006, legendary performance venue P.S. 122 presented a mini-festival of Dan's work with "No Direction Homo: The Many Identical Personae of Dan Fishback." In 2007, Dan was awarded The Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists to develop his new play-like performance, "You Will Experience Silence, or The Last Chanukah." The Fellowship is a partnership of Avoda Arts, JDub Records, and the Foundation for Jewish Culture, and is made possible with major funding from UJA-Federation of New York.

"You Will Experience Silence, or The Last Chanukah" will tentatively run in NYC in December, 2008.

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