The Babyskins

The Babyskins will perform at OJ All Day Upstairs Saturday May 24, 10:30pm

Formed at the end of 2001, collaborators Crystal Madrilejos and Angela Carlucci take the stage sharing guitar and xylophone duties while weaving in and out of haunting vocal harmonies. Often times, confusing their voices with one anothers. Their acoustic folk songs deal mainly with the trials and tribulations of that wonderful but also very wretched thing called love. Sometimes they can be real downers. Currently recording their third full-length album and trying to improve their stage banter.

The Baby Skins have released two full-length albums Optional Rally Funpack (2001) and For A Boy With A Fractious Skull (2004) both available through Olive Juice Music ( also a full band 3 song demo was released in 2002 with Steven Mertens (of the bands The Moldy Peaches, The Gnomes, Wild Bee) on drums and James Broughel (of the band LEVY) on bass. Available through Unicornsounds (

The Baby Skins are also two-thirds of the band Tri-Lambs (with Toby Goodshank). Angela Carlucci is half of the band Double Deuce (also with Toby Goodshank).