Purple Organ

Purple Organ will perform at OJ All Day Downstairs Saturday May 24, 5:00pm


Particle of light, primordial stewings, natal bliss, birth, first tmusical experience-Mommies songs, as i suckled. Second soul forming music event-being lost at an outdoor boat race in Calif., five years old in purple valeur pants, and a leather hippie jacket with tassles, hypnotized and calmed by the sounds of Elton Johns' "Crocadile Rock" coming out of speakers on giant poles stuck in empty rolling hills. Third seminal life changing thing was at 10 years old i heard Jimi Hendrixs' Voodoo Chile in 1976, and that descending , fading note that he flips the toggle swith back and forth as it goes down--i never heard anything like it before in my life, but that one note transfixed me, cause it sounded like the most familiar thing ever, even though, i'm sure i didn't , i felt i knew exactly what he meant, and i couldn't stop staring at the speaker , like just the sound of that note was a lost relative, or something. First band experience was playing guitar in a juior high school band, and played Zepplin, Skinnerd, Hendrix, and Police covers with no singer, In High School got into all the New Wave, some Punk, gender -bender bands of the eighties-thank -you, Boy George, Annie of the Eurithmics, Prince, Face magazine , Ministry....

Most of all English Ska music from the Specials and the English Beat . I also worked in the suburbs of Chicago as a window dresser and art maker for Saks Fifth Ave. in High School. I was also a D.J. for the High School Radio station playing Stevie wonder, Sex Pistols, Big Black, New Order, English Beat, Lady Smith Black Mambazzo, Hendrix, Dead Kennedys', the Doors, Echo and the Bunnymen, etc... Went to the Art Institute of Chicago, got into performance art in High School, but really got into it in art school, world music, early psychedelic music i liked since i was 10 , opera, reggae, punk, jazz, ambient-"Music for Airports'" by Brian Eno blew me away, everything mixing. I learned Tibeten nasal cleansing techniques, and how to sing in octives like Bhuddist monks. Got a performance art from a foundation connected to the Art Institute of Chicago, and used it to live in Paris for two years , where i played guitar and sang in a French and English speaking band ... really crapily! abstract paintings on fake fur i made, got into a big international show at Gallerie Antoine Candeau in Paris , which helped me connect with Stux gallery in New York , where i moved in Little Italy with my insane girlfriend -who i loved, cause i'm totally insane. i showed at Stux for less than to two years, and through the Gallery sold work to collectors in the U.S., Europe, Taiwan, and Brazil. I quit to play music full time at the end of 92 -begginning of 93. At first, i called myself "the Eternal Candy", then "Herwang" . i played in Apts., resteraunts, clubs, art galleries, and best of all, the Chelsea Hotel. Then a girl almost murdered me, i freaked out, dissconnected from almost everybody i knew and the visual art world in general , and moved into a used Toyota Camry(was Grammys' Camry) in California, in 1995; and lived, worked, surfed and played music, in the car where i took shits in Plastic bags, . I became the "Purple Organ", developed a wierd percussive technique of playing the guitar, while stoned in the Camry , played music with surfers and played at the open mic at Sunami on Hollywood Boulevard in Silverlake. After one night i played there in rubber leggings and a thong with a penis -sheath , i drove my Camry to a parking lot behind a loft building in the Downtown Industrial L.A., smoked a joint , jacked off , and fell asleep to the sound of the squeeky shopping cart wheels of my homeless neighbors. Drive to the ocean every morning, to use body surfing as a shower.

Back in in NYC in 1997, at the Chelsea Hotel , doing shows there, and first time at Surf Realitys' open mic. First of very few times at Sidewalks open mic in 1998. Played at now dissapeared, Baby Jupiter club, and wrote and performed three musical plays at Surf Reality in 1999 -2000. had fun singing and acting crazily lovingly in Seth of Dufus's Funderwear at Surf Reality. Made an experimental visual art, music, fashion, and porn, and live sex show, at Surf, collaborating with Toby Goodshank, and Seth, of Dufus. Played at Joes' Pub regularly in 2001 in a show sponsered by "the Sugar Brothers".

Toured England playing bass with Dufus in fits of unbelievable joy in 2002. Various New york shitholes played over the years: Galapagos, Matchless, Tonic, Mercury lounge, Sidewalk, Sin-e, Bowery Ballroom, N. Sixth , Pete's Candy Store, GlassHouse, now Glasslands --not shitty, well, so shitty arty, and free, it's the best, i think.

2004 Brief tour , playing my music opening for Herman Dune in France(Paris, Nantes, and Saint-lo).

Also in 2004, solo tour in England(London, First English Antifolk Festival, 12 Bar Club, Buffalo Bar , Hull, Independent radioLondon ).Totally underground, with the exception a few shows, in NYC at Tonic, Bowery Poetry Club, Sidewalk , and Glasshouse(now Glasslands) and only song writing, cause of something i can't tell you, from 2005 through 2006.

New womb, smegma , BIRTH.....2007 Bowery Poetry Club,NYC. and Berlin, Germany,and recording in Berlin

2008 European spring tour (Stanley Brinks and Friends Tour) in Germany, Holland, England, and France. Cities played in: Darmshtaat, Maastricht, Lile, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Brighton, Rouen, Anncey, Lyon, Paris-Saint-Ouen, and Dijon