Phoebe Kreutz

Phoebe Kreutz will perform at OJ All Day Upstairs Saturday May 24, 5:30pm

With smarty-pants lyrics atop dubious guitar stylings, Phoebe Kreutz makes you chuckle until you realize that she's totally dead serious about all this nonsense. The New York Times called her "genuinely funny", so that's cool.

If Jonathan Richman was a girl who read too much fiction and drank too much beer and cried for no reason and always wanted to go out for breakfast, he might sound kinda like Phoebe. Her heart is a soccer ball but her brain is made for ping-pong. Does that make sense?

She's been kicking it with the Olive Juice kids for a nice chunk of time and has recorded two of her albums there: "Pretty. Pretty Stupid." and the 2007 smash hit, "Big Lousy Moon". She's proud to be a member of both Urban Barnyard and Underthrust. She is also proud that she didn't hurl on the subway last night.

By the time of the OJ fest, she'll have just returned from a whirlwind tour of Europe so she might have an accent.