Liv Carrow

Liv Carrow will perform at OJ All Day Upstairs Saturday May 24, 1:30pm

Mediocre guitar ability, navel gazing, highly biographical, cathartic lyricism, obnoxious punning, moot metaphor, unabashed self-consciousness, and run-on sentences of self-promotion are qualities nary as compelling as in the case of NYC's Liv Carrow. Her songs are like the little animals that your 4-year-old nieces and nephews make out of play-doh; lumpy yet distinguishable in form, rudimentary to the point of psychedelic complexity, dry and crumbly on the outside but "all kinds of squishy" on the inside. The mysterious and oddly lovable bassist from ecstatically weird Huggabroomstik and Griffin and the True Believers takes the scenic back road to your heart with her clever-ish observations on life, death, love, health food, human reproduction, geography, the unseen world of the earth spirits and cosmic currents, awkward crushes, metaphysics, and everyone's favorite-despair. Liv plays frequently in NYC and the surrounding area as a solo acoustic act and accompanying Huggabroomstik and the burgeoning alternapop collaboration Feel The Feelings. You can often spot her at the Sidewalk Cafe, home of antifolk, looking around suspiciously. She is also available for Tarot readings which can be obtained for a song.