Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis will perform at OJ All Day Upstairs Sunday May 25, 6:30pm

Jeffrey Lewis was raised in New York City and is a maker of comic books, tragi-comic folk narratives, and lysergic garage rock. Live shows also incorporate "low budget videos", Jeff’s large illustrations displayed to accompany certain songs. In 2001 Jeffrey Lewis signed to Rough Trade Records and has since released four "official" albums alongside his own locally-released projects.

His most recent album Jeffrey Lewis: 12 Crass Songs is a collection of songs by the legendary anarchist punk band Crass, reworked by Jeffrey into glorious folk, rock, psychedelic, orchestral and electronica productions which dazzle the ear while losing none of the political power of the originals. 12 Crass Songs was recorded at the Olive Juice home studio with Major Matt at the controls, and features backing vocals and musical accompaniment by Helen Schreiner, the Babyskins, Nan Turner, John Kessel and others.

Jeffrey's most recent comic book series Fuff is currently up to issue six.