Huggabroomstik will perform at OJ All Day Downstairs Saturday May 24, 3:00pm

The Story of Huggabroomstik

In January 2001, Dashan Coram and Neil Kelly started Huggabroomstik, a reactionary musical project that was intended to be a response to what was supposed to be the New York rock ’n’ roll renaissance of the early 21st century. Huggabroomstik soon found themselves rooted in the New York Antifolk scene, surrounding themselves with like-minded artists.

Since their inception, Huggabroomstik has independently released four full-length albums (available at, a split 7 inch with Wooden Ghost, as well as contributing songs to various compilations. Huggabroomstik has shared the stage with such notable artists as Schwervon, Dufus, The Frogs, Jeffery Lewis, The New York Howl, Herman Düne, and The Moldy Peaches.

Huggabroomstik has toured Europe twice, with The Wowz in 2006 and with Ching Chong Song in 2007. On August 11th 2007, Huggabroomstik successfully organized an outdoor music festival, called Huggabroomstock, in Brooklyn NY. In February 2008, the music video for Huggabroomstik’s Mushroom Clouds premiered at #26 on Neil Young’s Living With War website. Huggabroomstik will be touring Europe for the third year in a row, during the month of April, 2008.

Currently Huggabroomstik involves Neil Kelly, Dashan Coram, Johnny Dydo, Preston Spurlock, Dibson T. Hoffweiler, Liv Carrow, Julie LaMendola, Toby Goodshank, Robert, Deenah Moffie, Betsy Cohen, and basically whoever else shows up to practice.

Below is the new video for Mushroom Clouds, by keyboardist Preston Spurlock.

Here's what some people have said about HUGGABROOMSTIK

“Huggabroomstik are ‘weird’, ‘free’, ‘anti’ and folk, all at once. Nothing about this group is predictable; they constantly change instruments among themselves, they may wrap themselves in carpets on stage, and they tend to view concerts as open-ended ‘happenings’. Some songs in their repertoire are two minutes long, others are psychedelic orgies lasting twenty minutes or longer. If something like a common set currently exists, a band that oscillates between punk, folk, noise, nonsense, depth, free improvisation and hippie freak out, then these under-received and unfortunately still notorious New York weirdos are it.” --Martin Büsser, Sidewalk Songs & City Stories: New Urban Folk

"Disarmingly smart and poignant." -- Time Out New York

"The Huggabroomstik sound is like an audio clusterfuck." -- Justin Remer,
Urban Folk

"Now that's rock 'n' roll." -- Punk Planet

"Enough to bring a smile to the sternest face." -- Andrew Mall, Splendid

"You have to wonder whether these guys are good musicians pretending to be
Spinal Tap, bad musicians pretending to be Spinal Tap, or just a modern day
emo version of Spinal Tap." -- Zookeeper Online

"Not the Velvet Underground." -- Jim Flynn

"Intelligent hippies." -- Beatsteaks

"Junkyard boho's." -- Village Voice