Erin Regan

Erin Regan will perform at OJ All Day Upstairs Sunday May 25, 4:30pm

"..As inauspicious as the night began, Erin Regan turned everything around in a matter of seconds. If you saw Ghost World and instantly wanted the Thora Burch character for your best friend, Regan is for you. She doesn’t do the movie’s almost over-the-top personification of clinical depression – she actually smiled and joked a little with the audience. But her songs would do Enid proud. Regan’s vocal delivery is deadpan and sullen, with an icy dismissiveness. Whatever wounds she’s sustained still seem fresh (probably a simple case of having grown up as a cool kid surrounded by morons – it’s a common injury, but it can take years before it’s safe to look back and just laugh). Her stage persona may say stay the hell away from me, but her bleak, outsider chronicles are welcoming and inclusive, and will resonate hard with any other cool kids who’ve been liberated (or long to be liberated) from a stifling environment. She made a great segue with Randi Russo. Her best number was a snide, bitter look back at a wasted youth spent bumming cigarettes from older kids and stealing things: if only things were simple then, she mused sarcastically. But they’re not. It might have been just Regan and her acoustic guitar onstage tonight, but she packed a wallop. Add her to your must-see list.."

-Lucid Culture