Dibs will perform at OJ All Day Upstairs Sunday May 25, 5:30pm

Dibs is playing guitar. He is looking down at the guitar, in order to play it. When you see him, he will be looking down. He will be looking down for hours of the festival, during performances by Huggabroomstik, The Faggots. But not during Art Sorority For Girls, because he will be banging on drums, being the deer in the headlights of your eyes. This year he will not look down during Urban Barnyard's performance, because they will not have one.

Dibs will also perform on the Sunday, the "Day 2" of OJ All (two) Days. There shall be no looking down, because he will be all alone on the stage. And what does one make out of a person all by emself on a stage, looking down? Dibs does not know, nor does Dibs want to find out. There will still be a guitar.

Besides music-making, Dibs tends to play around with computers. That is why he often makes mention of them in song. In fact, he made the very website that you are reading at this moment. How about that?

More about Dibs' wanderings: