Deenah Moffie

Deenah Moffie will perform at OJ All Day

Hanging out since August, 2005.

Deenah is a member of some of New York's finest music ensembles including Meatball, Huggabroomstik, Kung Fu Crimewave, Superland, Rich People, the Affectionate Goodbyes, and Old Hat. She plays string instruments of various sizes, has pioneered the recorder/neck-tambourine, and is currently studying the bread flute. Her off-key singing and off-beat percussive talents are a welcomed fugue in today's symphony of independent underground obscure outsider punk antifolk music.

She has performed and collaborated with the following artists: Toby Goodshank, Dufus, Secret Salamander, Ish Marquez, The Wowz, Dibs, The Jeff Lewis Band, Sibsi and the Silhouettes, Andrew Philip Tipton, Dan Fishback, Dan Levine, Austin Kilham, Preston Spurlock, and Horror Me.

Deenah can be seen in the fine print of Jeff Lewis' new hit record "12 Crass Songs," Toby Goodshank's "Di Santa Ragione," Dibs' "Dibs Bleeds Books," Andrew Philip Tipton's "I'm a Mess" among others.

This summer Moffie will be in Europe on tour with Susie Asado, Toby Goodshank, Dizzy Spells Martian, and Sibsi. Watch out Bavaria!