Dave End

Dave End will perform at OJ All Day Upstairs Saturday May 24, 7:30pm

Dave End moved to NYC in November of 2006 looking for independent music stores, people to collaborate with, a community of musicians, a place to record and a roof to drink root beer floats on. He soon found what he was looking for when he began spending time with the human gems at Olive Juice Music. At present day, Dave End is a member of Underthrust!, has recorded a solo full length album with Major Matt, works at OJ part time doing mail order, and helps put out Elephant Shoe (the Olive Juice Zine).

Listening to Dave End's music is like giving your younger self a hug. It makes you feel like you're okay, not despite your struggles but because of them. Tackling subject matters like bullying, homophobia, body image and heartbreak, Dave End could easily fall into the slippery traps of self-pity and earnestness, but he manages to keep his songs aloft with humor, bounce, and jamboree-style glee.

“Olive Juice Music's Dave End is the best. Inspired equally by early 90s female singer-songwriters and Disney musicals, Dave infuses sexual politics with a sense of fun and tenderness often absent in transgressive music, i.e., ‘queer cupcake loving honesty pop!’” -Nadav Carmel, Phoning It In