Dan Costello

Dan Costello will perform at OJ All Day Upstairs Sunday May 25, 3:30pm

Dan Costello is a Brooklyn songwriter and performer. Having done the theater thing, now he does the songwriter thing and hustles between jobs where he is not required to give a two year commitment. Sometimes performing as member of Creaky Boards, Soft Black, The Valley Cubs, The Happy Zealots, The Festival or other fantastic acts, Dan most frequently performs with his 5-piece COSTELLO, which features Michael David Campbell, Eric Wolfson, Brook Pridemore, and Miss Rachel Devlin. Sometimes, Dan wants to get back into the theater thing. Any ideas? He's thinking Equus.

Dan has two album, "Halloween Baby" (which is onsale through Olive Juice), and "Come Home" (which is onsale digitally at dancostellomusic.com). The band COSTELLO will be recording a new album in June, full of songs written while traveling around the country.

Dan records, works as a sound engineer, and will do pretty much anything for a fair price. Is there work out there for a beard model? He runs The Brooklyn Tea Party, a live/work space in the heart of Bushwick's far-out scene. He believes in Harry Nilsson and Major Matt.