Art Sorority for Girls

Art Sorority for Girls will perform at OJ All Day Downstairs Saturday May 24, 6:00pm

Daoud Tyler-Ameen grew up on the lower east side of Manhattan. His songwriting career began in high school with a string of extra-credit projects about literary characters and the life cycles of plants. At Sidewalk Cafe he was inspired to form his musical project, Art Sorority for Girls, a collection of story-songs about the awful messes kids can get themselves into. Multiple one-man-band demos later, multi-instrumentalist Daoud has a live band consisting of Dibs and Casey from Urban Barnyard on drums and baritone guitar, as well as contributors Andrew Hoepfner of Creaky Boards, Yoko Kikuchi of Dream Bitches, and Angela Carlucci of the Baby Skins. When a fourteen-year-old blogger from Rochester, NY found a few of ASG's songs online, he responded: “So, in one swoop, Daoud Tyler-Ameen restored my faith in humanity. So thank you, Daoud — you aren't just for girls anymore.”