About OJ All Day


2nd Annual “OJ All Day” Festival Showcases the Sounds and Spirit of a Community of Independent Musical Artists

Jeffrey Lewis, Paleface, Roger Manning, Schwervon, Toby Goodshank, and Huggabroomstik, are Among the 30+ Bands and Artists to Perform May 24th and 25th at Cake Shop in Event Presented by Olive Juice Music

When you "Do It Yourself," you're all alone. That's why the songwriters at Olive Juice Music "Do It Together."

From the stream-of-conscious musical narratives of Jeffrey Lewis to the wild “street singing” of folk-punk pioneer Roger Manning, the loose-limbed rock of the duo Schwervon and the ethereal Casio-tones of Preston Spurlock, the 2nd Annual OJ All Day Festival will feature performances by thirty-three bands and artists connected through a musical community centered around Olive Juice Music. OJ All Day will be held at Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow Street, on Saturday, May 24th from 1:30 to 11:30 p.m. and Sunday, May 25th from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Olive Juice Music started in 1999 as a collective of artists who banded together to form a web site and record label. The group eventually coalesced under the leadership of one of its members, Matt Roth (aka Major Matt Mason USA), and now also serves as a recording studio, distribution catalogue, and virtual community center to a close-knit group of New York’s alternative folk and indie rock performers. As the mainstream record industry struggles to maintain its relevance in an era of new technology and attitudes, Olive Juice has grown to provide a structure and support for a wide group of artists who value an independent approach to creating, promoting, and distributing their work.

Last year's OJ All Day was attended by capacity crowds, as hundreds of people came from as far away as Virginia and Sweden to witness this gathering of underground artists. This year the festival expands to a second day, which will feature a schedule of acoustic performances as well as a clothing and book exchange, craft fair, and bricks and mortar Olive Juice Store. The festival also doubles as a cd release for "Olive Juice Music: Volume 3" a compilation of OJ artists.

OJ All Day features performances by burgeoning rock bands like Dream Bitches as well as established musicians like Jeffrey Lewis who tours internationally. The artists in the festival balance their diversity with their commitment to each other. "The phrase 'Independent' music suddenly seems too individualistic and disconnected," says Lewis, whose critically acclaimed new album "12 Crass Songs" (Rough Trade Records) was made at Olive Juice’s recording studio. "OJ is communal, locally-grown, supportive, and not at all like most 'indie' labels which are nowadays just smaller versions of major labels."

The artists in the festival are a true community, playing in each other's bands, writing each other's press releases, designing each other's fliers, building each other's websites, and booking each other's tours. OJ performers like Schwervon and Huggabroomstik regularly tour in Europe, paving the way for their fellow musicians to travel in their footsteps. Liv Carrow (who also plays bass in Huggabroomstik) says, "Honestly you can't do a whole lot yourself." But with other folks, "you can do anything." Carrow, is organizing the clothing and book exchange, which she says is, "a way of presenting an alternative to capitalism and the commodification of everything in the same breath as we present an alternative to the commodified, capitalistic model of the music industry."

I hope the D.I.T. ethos of the festival inspires people to be more communal in general," says queer songwriter Dan Fishback, lead singer of The Faggots. "If you can collaborate with your friends to make art, then maybe you can collaborate to lead a more sustainable life. If we can inspire people to do that, then we've done a good job."